Debugging Techniques for SwiftUI: Tips and Tools for Finding and Fixing Bugs

Learn how to use in-built tools to find and fix bugs in SwiftUI

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3 min readMar 23, 2023
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Debugging is an essential part of the development process, and SwiftUI provides several built-in tools to help developers identify and fix bugs. In this article, we’ll explore some debugging techniques for SwiftUI and show you how to use some of the tools available to find and fix bugs.

Using Xcode’s Debugging Tools

Xcode provides a number of debugging tools that can help you identify and fix bugs in your SwiftUI code. One of the most useful tools is the debugger. The debugger allows you to pause your app at any point in its execution and examine the state of your code. You can use the debugger to inspect variables, step through your code line by line, and even modify variables on the fly.

To use the debugger, simply set a breakpoint in your code by clicking on the line number in the editor or by using the keyboard shortcut Command+\. When your app hits the breakpoint, it will pause execution, and you can use the debugging console to examine the state of your code.

Another useful tool is the SwiftUI inspector. The inspector allows you to examine the view hierarchy of your app and inspect the…



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